City Uni 101 : Do you do fitness?

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hello everyone!

It has been more than 'soon' with my promise to post another video about London's life which I have stated on my previous post. To be honest, there is something wrong with the Movie Maker in my notebook, hence; no video for now. My apologies! But I surely will share with you people on my experiences in London.

I would say 2013 had been a super-blessed year for me. Too many eventful memories, and it was such a challenging, productive, adventurous, happy, sad and the list could go on and on for that particular year. I have never been so productive to join volunteer programs and programs that are for smart people like debating; since I am a little a bit more attracted towards sport activities rather than using-my-brain-type-of-activities. 

It reminds me of the Sport and Leisure Programs for students and staff in City University. You can actually purchase a set of card, they classified them into CAP-card and Well-card where each of the card allows you to join certain set of fitness or well-being classes. Fitness classes includes Zumba, Box Fit, Box circuit and many more, while well-being classes are more towards wellness like pilates and yoga.

I paid GBP 12 for 20 sessions for Fitness classes within 60 days. It was really affordable and really worth it! But you can also opt for pay-as-you-go for each session which cos about GBP3.50.

Well, in case you would like to find out more, please find under the attached link below!

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