Ageing = Worry-er?

I used to be so simple minded. The term 'Sleep on it' was never in my diary. Usually I eliminated the options that I disliked straight away, and focusing on the things than I am looking forward to do only. It was easy for me. I never had dilemma back in school, nor I understand any of my friends who were so depressed at a very young age because the need to make decisions back then, like, I don't know which one I should take Hasu, I am really stuck between this top or that blouse?  Or like, Which subject is better? Biology, Accounting or Invention?

For me if I liked the denim jeans that I saw in the Seventeen Magazine, then I will only look for it, no other options. And I used to think becoming an engineer is my dream job, so why should I take biology or accounting as the elective subject? The Unnecessary; will only waste my time, that's what I thought.

As we grow older, the road that used to be branched only into two when we were younger has gotten nastier and the branches could doubled, tripled or even more. Then the real dilemma really strikes us. Only if I can dodge it. That just mean I'm just looking for a way to avoid making decision which is really not a healthy way to live my life.

So, number one is to confront it
list down the options
weigh them
and, being a muslim,
pray. not just pray but pray harder.
then, decide
and pray.

with Allah's will, the path that has been chosen hopefully will turn out fine.
and never to forget in mind, that every door closes, another door will open.
So, don't give up

City Uni 101 : Do you do fitness?

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hello everyone!

It has been more than 'soon' with my promise to post another video about London's life which I have stated on my previous post. To be honest, there is something wrong with the Movie Maker in my notebook, hence; no video for now. My apologies! But I surely will share with you people on my experiences in London.

I would say 2013 had been a super-blessed year for me. Too many eventful memories, and it was such a challenging, productive, adventurous, happy, sad and the list could go on and on for that particular year. I have never been so productive to join volunteer programs and programs that are for smart people like debating; since I am a little a bit more attracted towards sport activities rather than using-my-brain-type-of-activities. 

It reminds me of the Sport and Leisure Programs for students and staff in City University. You can actually purchase a set of card, they classified them into CAP-card and Well-card where each of the card allows you to join certain set of fitness or well-being classes. Fitness classes includes Zumba, Box Fit, Box circuit and many more, while well-being classes are more towards wellness like pilates and yoga.

I paid GBP 12 for 20 sessions for Fitness classes within 60 days. It was really affordable and really worth it! But you can also opt for pay-as-you-go for each session which cos about GBP3.50.

Well, in case you would like to find out more, please find under the attached link below!