Bedroom in My Dreams

I have always dream of really cozy bedroom for myself,and a little space for me to do my work. For now, I still share the same bed with my pretty little sis, yes, although I know my age reached the number 2 at the front already. We don't have quite much space at home so yeah, I still have to share the same room with two of my little sisters. But, I never stop dreaming. I always wanted a simple room, yellow in color of course or at least it has some yellow factors in it. If you have not know, yellow is my favorite color. I don't really need luxurious chairs or bed or side table in my bedroom, just a very simple, modern, creative space like below will do. I hope one day I am able to get one using my own $$$$. (^.^)

If my room were to have a wider space, I really love this bedroom layout. I can have all the space to do my work, and I can have all the books and space for leisure activities!

If my room has a smaller space, this one is good enough for me to have my private space! I love this one! The bed looks very tempting! I bet I will sleep more than 24hrs if I were to have this bed! :p

Orr this one! Very simple, modern, stylish! Voila!
While I was looking for bedroom ideas, I came across this very awesome website that create bedroom designs for kids, and I would like to share with you guys!

I am not very sure with myself, I am afraid that I will be the one that sleep on that bed! 
Very very very , super duper cute aite?? I wish one day, when I have babies, I can fill them in these kind of room! So I can play the Prince and the Cinderella with them! ;D


Randell Jeffries said...

It's nice to be in a bright room. It draws out a positive energy. Yellow, for example, has a 'nature feel', glowing like the sun, bold and daring. You should always go for where your heart is. Have fun with yellow!

-Randell Jeffries

Hasu said...

Thank you for your positive comment Randell! Tho it is a lil bit too late to reply, oh yeah I am undertaking the road where I know where my heart is. :)